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“triennial” in English

triennial adjective

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every three years :

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Thesaurus: synonyms and related words

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Examples for 'triennial'

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The domestic vote had been similar to the previous polls at 56.8%.
The reproductive cycle is usually annual, but may be biennial or .
Mayors are elected during the local body elections.
Since 1968, provincial legislation has required every municipality to hold elections.
I also wonder whether the procedure we have adopted is the most sensible approach.
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The most widespread system in use was the three-course or rotation.
Councillors will serve for three years and will all retire together, so that there will be elections.
Hansard archive
The principle of revision applies to the remuneration of sub-postmasters as a whole; but interim revisions are granted where the growth of work is abnormal.
Hansard archive
I had in mind a review, with perhaps a brief annual look at the cost factor for purposes of adjustment.
Hansard archive
There is to be no election at all in the second three years, but in the third of the periods a similar number of seats are to be.
Hansard archive
elections give three clear years for a council to prepare a programme of action and, if necessary, to take unpopular decisions without too much fear of immediate electoral repercussions.
Hansard archive
Clause 16 ensures that annual reports and the actuarial report shall be available for inspection as well as the rules.
Hansard archive
In other words, this is going forward, and it will be examined within the review which is now under way.
Hansard archive
They are not at all happy about a system of election.
Hansard archive
Routine tuberculin testing of herds is generally a operation.
Hansard archive

Translations of “triennial”

每三年的, 三年一次的…

Default parameter values are evaluated from left to right when the function definition is executed. This means that the expression is evaluated once, when the function is defined, and that the same “pre-computed” value is used for each call. This is especially important to understand when a default parameter is a mutable object, such as a list or a dictionary: if the function modifies the object (e.g. by appending an item to a list), the default value is in effect modified. This is generally not what was intended. A way around this is to use None as the default, and explicitly test for it in the body of the function, e.g.:

Default parameter values are evaluated from left to right when the function definition is executed.

Function call semantics are described in more detail in section Calls . A function call always assigns values to all parameters mentioned in the parameter list, either from position arguments, from keyword arguments, or from default values. If the form “ *identifier ” is present, it is initialized to a tuple receiving any excess positional parameters, defaulting to the empty tuple. If the form “ **identifier ” is present, it is initialized to a new ordered mapping receiving any excess keyword arguments, defaulting to a new empty mapping of the same type. Parameters after “ * ” or “ *identifier ” are keyword-only parameters and may only be passed used keyword arguments.

Parameters may have annotations of the form “ : expression ” following the parameter name. Any parameter may have an annotation even those of the form *identifier or **identifier . Functions may have “return” annotation of the form “ -> expression ” after the parameter list. These annotations can be any valid Python expression. The presence of annotations does not change the semantics of a function. The annotation values are available as values of a dictionary keyed by the parameters’ names in the __annotations__ attribute of the function object. If the annotations import from __future__ is used, annotations are preserved as strings at runtime which enables postponed evaluation. Otherwise, they are evaluated when the function definition is executed. In this case annotations may be evaluated in a different order than they appear in the source code.

It is also possible to create anonymous functions (functions not bound to a name), for immediate use in expressions. This uses lambda expressions, described in section Lambdas . Note that the lambda expression is merely a shorthand for a simplified function definition; a function defined in a “ def ” statement can be passed around or assigned to another name just like a function defined by a lambda expression. The “ def ” form is actually more powerful since it allows the execution of multiple statements and annotations.

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Planchonella House is located in the rainforests of Queensland, Australia

By Lauren Ro @blauring
Share Incredible concrete-and-glass home with undulating walls is up for sale
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An incredible modern house that earns the distinction of “undulating” is up for sale in Australia. Designed by husband-and-wife duo Jesse Bennett and Anne-Marie Campagnolo and completed in 2015, Planchonella House rises among the rainforests of Queensland in Edge Hill, Cairns, and responds to the topography of the surrounding landscape in its sculptural concrete form.

Curving concrete slabs calling to mind Brazilian modernism create an undulating roof line and floor plan that protrude into the woods and appear to float among the tree canopy, while floor-to-ceiling glass walls further the indoor-outdoor connection. Deep roof overhangs offer shade as well as cover for a deck, and the roof itself is a garden.

Perched on stilts, the 240-square-meter (approximately 2,583 square feet) residence follows a rough L-shape that wraps around a courtyard and features open spaces with minimal interior walls and supports. The main common areas are placed in the south, where an open living room, kitchen with breakfast booth, and dining area establish the main artery of the property. The home’s contours also offer surprising nooks here, while the master suite with dressing room follows behind a timber wall, and two additional bedrooms make up the back of the house.

There’s so much more to this award-winning house, so why not take a look? It’s offered for sale through Modern House , and price is available upon request.

: The Spaces

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Tech companies like gamifying civic problems—but they often reward the wrong things.

Version 10.1.3
Version 10.1.3

In addition to the Core Server API Akka HTTP provides a very flexible “Routing DSL” for elegantly defining RESTful web services. It picks up where the low-level API leaves off and offers much of the higher-level functionality of typical web servers or frameworks, like deconstruction of URIs, content negotiation or static content serving.


It is recommended to read the Implications of the streaming nature of Request/Response Entities section, as it explains the underlying full-stack streaming concepts, which may be unexpected when coming from a background with non-“streaming first” HTTP Servers.

Minimal Example

This is a complete, very basic Akka HTTP application relying on the Routing DSL:

It starts an HTTP Server on localhost and replies to GET requests to /hello with a simple response.

API may change

The following example uses an experimental feature and its API is subjected to change in future releases of Akka HTTP. For further information about this marker, see The @DoNotInherit and @ApiMayChange markers in the Akka documentation.

To help start a server Akka HTTP provides an experimental helper class called Sea Sleeveless Ruffled Top Cheap Sale Wide Range Of GbnJ3ufJP
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. This is the same example as before rewritten using HttpApp HttpApp :

See HttpApp Bootstrap for more details about setting up a server using this approach.

Longer Example

The following is an Akka HTTP route definition that tries to show off a few features. The resulting service does not really do anything useful but its definition should give you a feel for what an actual API definition with the Routing DSL will look like:

As the routes are evaluated for each request, it is possible to make changes at runtime. Please note that every access may happen on a separated thread, so any shared mutable state must be thread safe.

The following is an Akka HTTP route definition that allows dynamically adding new or updating mock endpoints with associated request-response pairs at runtime.

For example, let’s say we do a POST request with body:

Subsequent POST request to /test with body {"id": 1} will be responded with {"amount": 1000} .

There are various situations when failure may occur while initialising or running an Akka HTTP server. Akka by default will log all these failures, however sometimes one may want to react to failures in addition to them just being logged, for example by shutting down the actor system, or notifying some external monitoring end-point explicitly.


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